If your ecommerce business is not already shipping to Europe, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity for revenue and growth. Europe’s ecommerce market is one of the largest in the world growing to over 621 billion euros in revenue sales this year. With an annual growth rate of 13%, this market is only continuing to expand.

You can reap the rewards of this emerging market when you open your store up to consumers in Europe.

In addition to taking advantage of Europe’s ecommerce growth, here are some reasons why you should consider shipping products to Europe:

Expanding your reach

When you open your ecommerce business to international marketplaces, you will gain access to countless potential new customers who have not previously been able to purchase your product.

Europe has over 296 million online shoppers, many of whom already buy from ecommerce stores across the border. You can tap into this lucrative marketplace by offering consumers from Europe the chance to buy your products.

Consistent taxes and duties

When you ship a package to another country, either you or your customer will be required to pay taxes and duties before your shipment can be delivered. When you sell products to the European Union, you will be required to pay a Value Added Tax (VAT). Member States of the European Union set a specific VAT tax, so you never have to worry about this tax changing from day to day.

The European Union also has VAT distance selling rules which are consistent across the European Union. This means that unless you reach a certain threshold, once you are VAT registered you can use local VAT from that country to sell to any other consumer in Europe. This gives your business a great opportunity to test out various European markets without worrying about paying an arm and a leg in VAT taxes to do so.

Shipping products to Europe with Zenda

As global ecommerce continues to take off, many commercial airlines have stepped in to capitalize on this revenue stream and help ecommerce merchants ship goods overseas. Zenda, powered by British Airways, is a shipping provider that is leading the air cargo industry in this new market.

Because of Europe’s incredible growth and revenue potential, Zenda made this market its first choice for delivering goods from ecommerce merchants in the United States.

Now, Zenda makes it even easier for your ecommerce business to take advantage of the benefits that come from selling products to Europe.

Inexpensive shipping options

When you ship your goods to Europe using Zenda, you have the advantages of using British Airways and their large fleet of aircraft. Because these planes are already flying back and forth between the United States and Europe, Zenda is up to 50% less expensive than many other express delivery options. Using Zenda means it will cost less for you to send shipments to Europe, allowing you to increase your profit margins while offering affordable shipping options for your customers.

Delivered duty paid shipping

Figuring out taxes and duties for international shipping for a package can be a headache, and relying on your customers to pay any landed cost can present its own set of challenges. Zenda alleviates these hassles through its delivered duty paid (DDP) shipping method.

With DDP shipping, your business will be responsible for taxes and duties, taking the pressure off the customer to pay these costs upon parcel delivery. However, Zenda makes this payment a breeze by calculating the entire landed cost and presenting it at checkout. With Zenda, you can wave goodbye to unexpected fees or complicated calculations when shipping goods internationally.


Zenda is able to grow with your business and integrate with whichever in-house systems you are currently using for your business. If your business starts to take off after you start shipping products internationally, Zenda has options that will help you continue to offer quick and inexpensive delivery to Europe.

Learn more about how Zenda can help your ecommerce store start conducting business in Europe by contacting us.