Cross-border ecommerce between the United States and Europe is skyrocketing, and it is only going to grow in the next few years. Consumer research shows that 57% of Europeans shop from international retailers. With the United States serving as the worldwide second most popular online shopping destination behind China, there is great revenue potential for ecommerce merchants in the United States who expand their reach to Europe.

With online sales reaching over 621 billion euros in 2019 and such a high percentage of European consumers engaging in cross-border ecommerce, your ecommerce business cannot afford to ignore this ecommerce route. Although many European consumers, especially those in Western Europe, prefer to make purchases from large global online retailers like Amazon, many of these consumers are happy to make purchases with any international retailers that offer high-quality products at reasonable prices.

If you are considering shipping your products to Europe, make sure you understand the reasons why European consumers buy products from international online retailers so that you can better market your goods to these consumers.

Why European consumers make cross-border purchases

There are many factors that contribute to the rise in international ecommerce. Ecommerce business owners that want to tap into Europe’s lucrative market should consider these factors and how they can adjust their marketing strategy in order to appeal to European consumers.

Here are five of the main reasons why European consumers shop with international ecommerce merchants:

1. Prices

It should come as no surprise that consumers are motivated by prices. Approximately 72% of consumers cite better prices as a chief reason why they choose to shop with international retailers. When international ecommerce merchants offer quality products at lower prices, consumers are willing to engage in cross-border ecommerce in order to get the items they need.

If you are trying to gain more international customers, especially ones from countries in Europe, your ecommerce business needs to offer competitive prices. Work with your shipping provider to offer lower shipping prices and set your product prices so that they are competitive with local European retailers, and you will increase your likelihood of obtaining customers from countries in Europe.

2. Product access

Another factor influencing international ecommerce is product availability. When consumers are unable to find the products they need with local retailers, they opt to shop with international retailers instead. In fact, 49% of consumers say access to items that are unavailable in their country is a main reason why they participate in cross-border ecommerce.

You can help attract these consumers if you offer a niche product that will be difficult for these consumers to find elsewhere.

3. New products

Consumers across the world are always looking for new products that will meet their needs and make their lives easier. When shopping online, 34% of consumers say they browse cross-border ecommerce websites because they offer products that are new.

Ecommerce merchants that are innovating new products will do well to market their business overseas in order to reach consumers who have not previously heard about their products.

4. Higher product quality

When it comes to buying products, many consumers that are hesitant to make purchases online avoid ecommerce because they are unsure of whether or not they can trust the quality of the products they will receive. These concerns motivate consumers to buy products from ecommerce retailers they trust, even those that are overseas.

Roughly 29% of consumers say they buy products from international retailers because these retailers offer higher product quality. This is especially true of European consumers, with over 30% of these consumers claiming to trust international retailers as much as retailers from their own countries in Europe.

If you want to successfully market your business’ goods overseas, you should make sure to emphasize your reliability and trustworthiness as well as the quality of your products.

5. Affordable shipping

Consumer reports show that nearly 24% of consumers shop with online retailers from other countries because they offer more affordable shipping. Consumers do not want to pay an arm and a leg just to receive their products, so they are more likely to shop with businesses that can offer them hassle-free shipping at reasonable prices.

Zenda, a shipping provider powered by British Airways, can empower your business to offer a positive shipping experience with affordable prices to consumers in Europe. Zenda understands that the ecommerce market in Europe is thriving, and it helps businesses in the United States reach over 500 million consumers in Europe spanning 28 different European countries.

Because Zenda uses British Airways fleet, they offer several inexpensive daily flights between the United States and Europe. With Delivered Duty Paid shipping, Zenda allows European customers to pay all taxes and duties upfront, eliminating unexpected fees and providing a stress-free shipping experience.

When you ship your products with Zenda, your customers do not have to worry about paying fuel surcharges, signature fees, or residential delivery fees, allowing them to get the products they want at prices they will love.

You can expand your reach to European consumers and take advantage of the growing ecommerce market in Europe when you use Zenda as your shipping provider.

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