Here at Zenda, we know that as global ecommerce continues to rise, it is more important than ever for businesses to offer their consumers faster and more reliable shipping services. With global ecommerce projected to reach $4.88 trillion by 2021, Zenda is working harder than ever to make sure businesses like yours are able to keep up with demand and take advantage of this growth.

When your ecommerce business works with our company, you will be able to offer your customers the best possible cross-border shipping experience. From providing your business with a tax and duty calculator and inexpensive shipping options to offering 4 to 8-day delivery, we know how to make sure your European customers have the shipping choices that are best for their unique needs so that they can receive their products without any hassle.

One of the reasons why we at Zenda are able to do so much to help your business is because of our partnership with our friends at ShipperHQ. We are happy to partner with ShipperHQ because together we can offer the perfect cross-border shipping solution for your ecommerce business.

What is ShipperHQ?

ShipperHQ is a one-stop shipping experience management platform that allows ecommerce merchants to customize their rates at checkout and offer both domestic and cross-border shipping options that address a wide variety of needs.

With this shipping management system, you can be sure that you are taking all the right steps to increase your business’ potential for growth with global ecommerce.

Here are some ways working with Zenda and ShipperHQ can help your business:

1. Expansive shipping options

All too often, ecommerce businesses fall victim to the “one-size-fits-all” mindset when it comes to providing shipping services for their customers. These choices typically include two options: a high shipping price for a fast delivery time and a low shipping price for a slower delivery time.

While this may seem like a good place to start, it alienates a lot of customers who are looking for something different to suit their needs. Many customers need a middle option that will allow them to receive their products in a decent amount of time without breaking the bank.

That is where ShipperHQ can step in!

With ShipperHQ, your business can have complete control over the rates, carriers, and shipping options that are available to your customers.

Because Zenda is one of the carriers offered in the ShipperHQ marketplace, you can take advantage of our daily flights to Europe and offer fast, affordable, convenient shipping options for your customers.

Whether you want to set promotional rates or adjust your shipping prices to increase customer satisfaction, ShipperHQ makes it easy for you to provide the cross-border shipping options that consumers want when they make international purchases.

2. Product classification

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to international shipping is losing packages in customs. This is a nightmare for businesses because it is costly and it prevents customers from receiving the goods they order.

Incorrect product classification is a key reason why many packages are held up in customs. In order to ship your products to Europe, you usually need to fill out commercial invoices and customs declaration forms. The item codes on these forms can be tricky to navigate, and if these forms are filled out incorrectly, you might delay shipping times, or even face hefty fines.

One reason ShipperHQ has partnered with us is so we can handle customs and product classification for you! During your onboarding process, Zenda will classify all your items to accurate commodity codes. When your customer selects Zenda at the checkout, your parcels will be automatically cleared through customs without any confusion or additional costs.

3. Taxes and duties calculator

When your business ships products internationally, they need to choose between a Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) or Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping method.

With a Delivered Duty Unpaid service, your customers will be responsible for paying for any taxes and duties owed before they can receive their parcel. While this might seem convenient on the front-end, it can lead to a loss of revenue and customer loyalty when your customers are hit with unexpected fees upon delivery.

Delivered Duty Paid shipping requires your business to pay upfront for all taxes and duties on the products you ship. This method makes it easy for your customers to know exactly how much they owe for their items with no surprises at delivery, as they can pay the total cost at checkout.

While DDU shipping has long been the industry standard, ecommerce merchants that aim to get ahead in the global marketplace are looking for shipping providers that offer DDP shipping.

ShipperHQ helps support our DDP shipping service by providing accurate estimates for taxes and duties at checkout, making these costs transparent to your customers.

Thanks to ShipperHQ, your customers will not only know the exact amount they need to pay before clicking "buy now", but they will also know how much of their shipping costs are due to taxes and duties.

Considering 55% of customers will abandon their carts because of unexpected fees, it is crucial for you to make sure your customers know exactly what to expect when they purchase items from your ecommerce store. Our partnership with ShipperHQ makes this transparency simple.

Choosing Zenda and ShipperHQ

When you choose to use Zenda as your carrier in ShipperHQ, you gain all of the benefits of using our British Airways fleet for fast, DDP shipping with the added perks that come from ShipperHQ’s shipping experience management tools. Take the stress out of managing your international shipping by taking advantage of this great shipping partnership.

To learn more about Zenda and how we can fulfill your cross-border shipping needs, please contact us!