Zenda is beyond excited to announce that our Zenda Checkout plugin is now available in the Woocommerce plugin marketplace! If you are a small or medium-sized ecommerce retailer that uses WordPress for your ecommerce website, you can now unlock the full power of DDP shipping and put an end to your cart abandonment and international shipping woes.

If you want to boost your customer satisfaction, eliminate customs delays and delivery headaches, and provide your customers with the trustworthy and reliable shipping service they deserve, all you have to do is go to the Woocommerce plugin marketplace and download the Zenda Checkout plugin.

Here is why you should be equally excited that our Zenda Checkout plugin is available for Woocommerce:

Zenda Checkout revolutionizes the international shipping process

Zenda Checkout is the best way to improve the international shipping process for both you and your customers. Zenda believes that sending products from the United States to Europe should not be a hassle, so our Zenda Checkout app guarantees smooth sailing when you ship your goods overseas.

Prepaid taxes and duties

With Zenda Checkout, you can display the total landed cost for any order, including the product price, shipping fees, and all applicable taxes and duties, right on your checkout page, allowing your customers to see exactly how much they need to pay upfront. With this Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) solution, consumers do not have to worry about paying additional, and often unexpected, fees in order to receive their goods.

Customs clearance

Zenda Checkout not only helps get rid of surprise fees, but it also creates a smooth, seamless delivery process without customs delays or hold-ups.  Since your customers will be able to pay all taxes and duties for their products upfront, they will not have to face customs delays due to a lack of payment, and you will not have to wonder if a package will get stuck at customs or returned because the customer still needs to pay these taxes and duties.

Zenda Checkout uses your products commodity codes to determine accurate, real-time taxes and duties so that customers can pay at checkout and know that their parcel will automatically clear customs.This increases customer satisfaction and provides an ecommerce experience that will lead to repeat and lifelong customers.

Shipping customization

No one knows your business better than you. That’s why Zenda Checkout allows you to adjust your shipping solution to fit the needs of your business.

When you use Zenda Checkout you will be able to display Zenda as a shipping method to your choice of the 28 countries that we service. You will also be able to choose whether you want Zenda to appear as the name of this shipping method or if you would like to use a custom name instead. Once you have decided how you want to display this shipping solution, you can also decide if you want to show your customers a real-time Zenda shipping cost or a flat rate shipping fee.

Zenda Checkout makes sure your business has full control over your shipping solution so that you can give your customers a great ecommerce experience.

Using Zenda Checkout

With affordable 4 to 8 day delivery to 25 different countries in Europe, shipping customization, customs clearance, and a checkout page featuring total landed costs, Zenda Checkout is the best shipping solution for ecommerce merchants trying to boost their customer satisfaction, expand their reach, and remain competitive in a market that is growing rapidly.

Now that Zenda Checkout is available for Woocommerce, small and medium ecommerce retailers who use WordPress are able to gain the benefits that Zenda has to offer so that they can grow their business.

Contact us to learn how you can start using Zenda Checkout for your ecommerce business today!